Slide Amsterdam King Discount Available For Bulk Orders (Whatsapp Us Before You Order In Bulk) Slide Welcome To Amsterdam King Amsterdam King has been in the alcohol business for quite a while now and has maintained strong relationships with some of the finest distributors and manufacturers around the country to bring our customers the best possible pricing, selection and knowledge available. Slide Perfect Gift For Father's Day Introducing exclusive collection of Whiskey, Cognac, Champagne, Wines, Vodka, Tequila, Beers and Energy Drinks for your parties ! Read More
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The Best Vendor In Town For Whiskey

Different people have varying opinions regarding whiskey. Well, the truth is whiskey has a higher level of alcohol compared to beer and wine. We deal in all Brands and types.


Ranges from light golden to rich brown


Good whiskey always smells nice



The older it is, the better it gets


A good whiskey should taste great

Amsterdam King

We Sell Only
The Best Champagne Brands

With an incredible range of Champagne options and price tags to choose from, picking the right gold standard sparkler can often be overwhelming. While every Champagne is a sparkling wine, not every sparkling wine is Champagne. Check out our Champagne collection
Amsterdam King

Wines Will
Decorate Your Evening

Wine can be seductively elusive and changeable, evolving across both decades and hours. You want to chase it, to know it. The wines we chose here span the globe as well as the breadth of varietals and styles, but they all share two things: the potential for long years in the cellar and the ability to be enjoyed deliciously right now.
We Also Offer

Vodka & Tequila

Our liquor range is not limited to whiskey, champagne and wines. We have variety of vodka and tequila brands as well.
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